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Thursday, January 20, 2011

ReFuel Wednesday in Review Vol. 1

I got this idea from Saddleback's High School pastor, Josh Griffin. He has a very thorough youth ministry blog:

Wednesday Teaching Series: Jr. High Bible Stuff (DVD Series with Kurt Johnson, 3/6)
Sermon in a Sentence: God created us to have relationship and communication with him, and to embrace his goodness and forgiveness.
Bible: 1 Samuel 16-18

Attendance: 28 Students, 15 Leaders

Understandable Message: This was the third week of Jr. High Bible Stuff 2. Its been a great intro to the character of God so far. The message focused on the anointing of young David and God's work through him. The message concluded with the David and Goliath story. The lesson focused on how God used the lest likely person of Jesse's household to become king. David is considered "a man after God's own heart." Despite David's future failings, he always turns to God. No matter how much we mess up, as long as we are striving to please God and live according to his standard, he is faithful to forgive.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We kicked off the day a little differently, playing "Despicable Me" as the kids were getting situated. Its my favorite movie right now! We also showed the youth group favorite "Snack Pack" video by balloon shop. There was no relevance to the video, but we all got a good laugh. Jeremy and Danielle Closs also gave us the awesome news that a Baby Closs is on the way.

Worship Playlist: Wholly Yours, O Praise Him, Our God, Revelation Song

Favorite Moment: We announced that the Leadership Track program had begun, and asked the kids to stand who were a part of it. Afterwards, I saw that many of them have already started journaling! Tyler Riley also gave an awesome testimony

Next Week: Coming face to face with Jesus (JHBS week 4/6)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks

Sorry for the blogging lull. I'll have to do better.

If you know my family you know that we're from Texas. People from Texas seem to have one thing in common, an instaciable desire for trucks. If you know me, you know that I LOVE trucks. I've wanted a full sized truck since I was a little boy. We have two family vehicles, 2006 Kia Rio5 and a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

The minivan was a gift to us from the in-laws. Its been a trooper of a family vehicle. It also has held many-a-youth over the last 3 years. When we got it, it had 88,000 miles. Here recently, its been a bit of a concern. We sank $500 into the minivan at thanksgiving and another $200 into it 2 weeks ago. We were sort of ready to be done with it. We've raised the miles since we've had it...its now over 114,000. The last time it broke down, we decided that it was time to do something about it. We got it fixed and rather than trading it in (it was only worth about 1000-1500 trade), we decided to give it to a family in need. This was one of the coolest things we've done during any holiday season. They had NO vehicle, so an older one is better than none.

Anywho...we've been scoping out vehicles for about a month. I REALLY wanted a truck, but it had to be extended cab to work (with the kids...the Kia is REALLY small)... Trying to fit 2 carseats and 2 adults in the Kia leaves virtually NO room. We went to Arlington for the holidays and had to pack ALL of our stuff in 2 small suitcases and 2 small bags.

Our main concern was trying to do something responsible. Money is tight, and we've recently been challenged by Bro. David to live a life of simplicity. Did I really need a newer vehicle? Did we need a car loan? Could I live with a clunker? (afterall, getting a vehicle fixed every few months is still way cheaper than a new vehicle). Well, we shopped around and made our decision. We found a big truck. It was an 09 Chevy Silverado 1500. Extended Cab, V6, only 25k miles. The price was decent.

Its pretty plain...its a work truck, the transmission is automatic, but everything else is manual (windows, doors, mirrors...). My dad and I put on some nerf bars today. Its only a V6 (I say only, because in Texas, people like to go big or go home...V8s are the norm), but its a 4.6L V6...its got some power. Also, being a V6, it gets a little better gas mileage. I feel like we were smart with our money and made a God honoring decision.

I'm 26 now, so I haven't been waiting THAT long for a big truck, but I'm finally a good Stapleton man (just a joke), and a good Texan (another joke). I absolutley LOVE It, and so does Colin :)